Jed Editing Mode for Gettext Po-Files

(Current version: 1.1.8)

This is an extension editing mode for the excellent editor, Jed, designed to facilitate the editing of Gettext portable object files (*.po) that are used to translate messages and user interfaces in computer programs. This mode has many features and will substantially speed up your translation work. Installation instructions are in the documentation.

Documentation -> po_mode.hlp

Download -> po_mode.tar.gz

It is also hosted on the JED Modes Repository

In Debian and Ubuntu it is available in the "jed-extra" package. In Debian, from "stretch" and onwards. In Ubuntu, from "yakkety" and onwards. Versions prior to these are not recommended. This will also take care of the setup for you.

The command line tool, slpo, contains a subset of the functions in this mode but does not require Jed/Xjed.


The terminal in the screenshots is rxvt-unicode-256color running a GNU Screen session and is using the Inconsolata font. The font line in ~/.Xresources is:

URxvt.font: xft:Inconsolata:style=Medium:pixelsize=20

Image map Compare translations editing window main window menus source view